GOP Budget Cuts Take Aim At Tsunami Warning Center

While our neighbors in Hawaii and the US West coast braced themselves for a potential Tsunami this morning in the wake of the earthquake in Japan, we are reminded that the hours that these residents had to prepare might not be there the next time if the GOP has their way. It seems the Tsunami warning system is in jeopardy due to a proposed 28% cut to the National Weather Service and one reason for the cuts apparently is that the data collected by the monitoring stations is “inconvenient” for the global warming deniers on the right.

In February, the union representing the National Weather Service warned that the Republican cuts could place the residents of Hawaii in mortal danger. “People could die… It could be serious,” Barry Hirshorn, Pacific region chairman of the National Weather Service Employees Organization, told Hawaii’s Star Advertiser. The House budget includes a 28 percent cut to the National Weather Service that would result in staffing cutbacks to Hawaii’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, which monitors potential tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

The Obama administration is threatening to veto the cut, and Congressional Democrats have called the reduction a “reckless” means of forwarding a political agenda. “Those who claim that global warming is a myth find the hard data produced by such monitoring inconvenient,” Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) told the Star Advertiser. The cutback to the tsunami warning center also recalls Gov. Bobby Jindal’s mockery of federal money for volcano monitoring back in 2009—just months before a volcano eruption in Iceland wreaked havoc on Europe.

So what do you say Kristi?

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