The "Response" Wasn't The Only Gathering In Town

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s so called apolitical get together of some of his most hateful religious extremist friends wasn’t the only gathering in Houston last Saturday. In fact an estimated 3 times as many people attended another gathering on Saturday and it didn’t even rate a mention in any mainstream media newscasts.

The other event, Houston’s first ever citywide back to school event was setup to provide much needed school supplies, uniforms, haircut vouchers, immunizations, and fresh produce to the city’s ever growing poor population. Unfortunately the pre-event estimates of 25,000 needy children ended up being closer to 100,000 causing event organizers to close the doors 2 hours early and turning away 10’s of thousands of kids.

Not surprisingly, the “Response” attendees apparently made no mention of those who had gathered only a few blocks down the road.

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