Guns Don't Kill

Stupid people in state legislatures with guns do

Richard Ruelas, a reporter for The Arizona Republic, found himself staring down the barrel of Republican state Sen. Lori Klein’s raspberry-pink firearm during a recent interview at the Capitol.

“Oh, it’s so cute,” Klein said of the .380 Ruger that she carries in purse at all times.

While the loaded pistol had no safety and the laser pointer was centered on the reporter’s chest, Klein explained that there was no need to worry.

“I just didn’t have my hand on the trigger,” she said.

This is the same woman who tried to carry her firearm on to the Arizona State Senate floor and who read a letter to the Senate claiming Hispanic students “hate America” and only want to become “gang members and gangsters.”

Perfect poster child for the NRA…

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I'm Guessing His NRA Rating Will Drop

In case you missed it, Iowa has a proposal floating around their legislature that would allow residents to carry guns without any permit, training or background checks. You would likely suspect a law along those lines makes folks like me cringe and apparently some in the Iowa GOP feel the same way except it took an unexpected open mic for it to come out.

Republican Iowa State Rep. Jeff Kaufmann, speaker pro tem of the Iowa State House, was caught joking on a hot mic that a proposal which would allow state residents to carry weapons in public without permission from a sheriff and without any training or a background check might better be called the “give-a-handgun-to-a-schizophrenic-bill.”

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Shooting Victim Shoots Himself In The Foot

Apparently complaining about the 2nd Amendment remedies of others didn’t mean much for Eric Fuller who was one of the survivors from last weekends shootings in Arizona. Just hours after complaining that the hate speech from the right was to blame for the shootings in Tucson, Fuller himself was arrested for allegedly threatening a tea party leader during a town hall meeting.

The theme of the event was “An American Conversation Continued” —  the idea being to continue the conversation that a madman’s brutal rampage had interrupted.  So it was inevitable that the conversation would eventually turn to politics.   It did, toward the end, with Amanpour leading a discussion on a very touchy but obvious topic:  gun control.

That’s where the atmosphere turned tense.   When Tucson Tea Party founder Trent Humphries rose to suggest that any conversation about gun control should be put off until after the funerals for all the victims, witnesses say Fuller became agitated.  Two told KGUN9 News that Fuller finally rose, took a picture of Humphries, and said, “You’re dead.”

When State Rep. Terri Proud (R-Tucson) rose to explain and clarify current and proposed gun legislation in the state, several people groaned or booed her.  One of those booing, according to several witnesses, was Fuller.   Witnesses sitting near Fuller told KGUN9 News that Fuller was making them feel very uncomfortable.

The event wrapped up a short time later.  Deputies then escorted Fuller from the room.  As he was being led off, Fuller shouted loudly to the room at large.  Several witnesses said that what they thought they heard him shout was, “You’re all whores!”

An aside, is there any doubt that Arizona loves their guns? Even the call letters of the local TV station fits right in, KGUN

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Cause Found For Arkansas Bird Deaths

It never ceases to amaze me just how much the religious right hates homosexuals. The latest example of this comes from Cindy Jacobs of Generals International. She puts out the absolutely absurd theory that the recent fish and black bird deaths could be a result of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Well, there’s something interesting we have been watching – let’s talk about this Arkansas pattern and say, could it be a pattern? We’re going to watch and see. But the blackbirds fell to the ground in Beebe, Arkansas, well the Governor of Arkansas’ name is Beebe. And also, there was something put out of Arkansas called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by a former Governor, this was proposed, Bill Clinton. As so, could there be a connection between this passage [Hosea 4] and now that we’ve had the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell where people now legally in the United States have broken restraints with the Scripture because the Scripture says in Romans 1 that homosexuality is not allowed.

It could be because we have said it’s okay for people who commit these kinds of acts to be recognized in our military for the first time in our history, there is a potential that there is something that actually happened in the land where a hundred thousand drum fish died and also where these birds just fell out of the air.

Watch it:

(via Right Wing Watch)

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Italy has their own Terry Shiavo case going on where the fate of a women who has been in a vegetative state for 17 years is now being debated between the wishes of her family and the government. The father, who says his daughter expressed that she wouldn’t want to live like she is currently, has attempted to have doctors reduce and eventually stop feeding her. Meanwhile the Italian government with help from the Vatican is trying to prevent the doctors from carrying out her family’s wishes.

Of course this issue is nothing new but what caught my eye was this beauty from the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi trying to justify why this woman should remain a vegetable.

Justifying his campaign to save Englaro’s life, the prime minister added that, physically at least, she was “in the condition to have babies”

And I thought octo-mom being artificially enseminated with 6 embryo’s while already having 6 kids and no job was bad…

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So Who Was More Stupid?

I’ve been stewing on this for awhile but I think this question needs to be asked. Who exactly was more stupid, the unemployed single mom of 6 who chose to have 6 more embryo’s implanted knowing that multiple births could result or the fertility doctors that went ahead with the procedure? Reports are that Nadya Suleman, the woman in question, claims that she had the children because she loves kids and was lonely.

With 6 kids on the government dole already, one would think the fertility doctors should have instead given her a psychiatric referral (especially after watching this interview) and that Suleman should have considered getting a pet…

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Time For Another Coulter Book Tour…And Voting Controversy

Let me just preface this by saying that seeing Ann Coulter being interviewed and listening to that woman talk makes fingernails across the chalkboard sound like a Mozart symphony so when I hear she has another “book” coming out, I get the ear plugs and blindfold ready. With that said, it appears something else happens each time Coulter goes on a book tour. More allegations appear that makes one wonder if the so-called political commentator has mastered that whole voting thing.

A few years back when Coulter was making headlines by calling 9/11 widows “harpies and witches”, she became embroiled in a voting controversy where questions were raised about improperly using an address that she didn’t live at in Florida to absentee vote. She was eventually “cleared” of those charges but new allegations have surfaced that apparently show she might have had issues remembering where she lived as much a 4 years earlier.

Coulter, who was investigated and cleared in 2006 for allegedly filing a false registration in Florida, used to be registered in Connecticut. The 47-year-old author voted there in 2002 and 2004 via absentee ballot, claiming her parents’ New Canaan home as her residence.

But property records indicate she was actually living in New York City. In 2003, the landlord of an E. 82nd St. apartment building sued her for allegedly failing to pay $11,028 in rent. That same year, she bought a $1.49 million condo on the upper East Side.

Is figuring out where you are supposed to vote really that hard?

Read the whole story here but be warned that there is a photo that could burn your eyes if you aren’t careful.

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