Thune Not Running For POTUS

Not surprisingly, our junior Senator John Thune has decided that he will not be running for the Presidency. In his press release, Thune gives a myriad of reasons for his decision including being able to best serve South Dakota but strangely missing is his real reason for not running.

He didn’t want to get his ass whooped in the primaries…

Any numbers one chooses to cite shows that he would have gotten trounced and would have been lucky to make it out of the first couple of primaries. CPAC polling as well as the latest New Hampshire straw poll had Thune listed so low that he was all but a footnote not even rising to crazy wingnut Michele Bachmann levels. No way Thune sees these numbers as anything but what they are, the end of a Presidential run.

Thune’s choice not to run is not the result of any revelation from his prayers or because of any desire to better serve South Dakota. Thune isn’t running because his golden boy image would have been severely tarnished by the trouncing he would have experienced.

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