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The Lone Independent is back. This site is my place to express my opinions on local, national, and international news slanted towards a non-party affiliated viewpoint. This blog is a continuation of an older version of the Lone Independent that was written while living in South Dakota. I have since moved a few states East to Wisconsin and feel the need given the current state of our politics to get back to opining.

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Obama Wins Peace Prize, Wingnut Heads Explode

Feel free to debate the merits of the Nobel Foundation’s choice of Barack Obama for a Nobel Peace Prize but I cheer the choice just so I can watch the Obama hater’s heads explode in disbelief.

Two weeks, and he was nominated? Good gosh, you’d think that someone thought he was the messiah.  (Oops, I forgot. Some people do.)

If we’re basing awards on ideas and possibilities now, Obama had better quickly come up with an idea for a screenplay.   It’s almost Oscar nomination time.


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The Obama Olympic Legacy?

Conventional GOP political wisdom seems to be that the chosen one, otherwise known as Barack Obama isn’t the messiah that all of us left of center are perceived to think he is. (can an Atheist have a messiah?) The latest example being used is his unsuccessful trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to try to bring the 2016 Olympics to his adopted home town of Mombasa Chicago. Of course his trip couldn’t get Chicago more than last place finish and will likely provide political fodder for the Glenn Beck crowd for months.

While some are quick to jump on the blame Obama bandwagon, a couple other reasons for Chicago’s losing bid seems to be a bit more plausible for those of us not laying awake at night suffering from Obama paranoia.

First on the list could be the rightwing’s own campaign to politicize the recent murder of a 17 year old Chicago teen. You know the one that Michelle Malkin recently used as another backhanded attempt at ripping Obama while tying it to Chicago’s Olympic bid at the same time.

Community organizing has not stopped Chicago’s teen violence epidemic. The Olympics will not solve this long-festering problem, either.

This type of rhetoric does nothing to downplay Chicago’s already less than stellar reputation of a being a rough town and these kind of reminders certainly didn’t help their cause.

Even more damning I would suspect would have made it hard for any US city to win an Olympic bid as things stand now. Have you tried flying into the US from foreign countries lately? Well some I.O.C. members have and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Among the toughest questions posed to the Chicago bid team this week in Copenhagen was one that raised the issue of what kind of welcome foreigners would get from airport officials when they arrived in this country to attend the Games. Syed Shahid Ali, an I.O.C. member from Pakistan, in the question-and-answer session following Chicago’s official presentation, pointed out that entering the United States can be “a rather harrowing experience.”

Of course, when most of these I.O.C. members’ countries begin living under the constant threat of attack from religious extremists, maybe they can then talk of the trials of airport security. But I can say with certainty that the TSA experience is probably not used in any tourism literature found in foreign travel agencies and was likely another negative factor in the final decision.

So short of Obama actually being the messiah which would have allowed to him to just impose his will, Chicago probably never had a real shot with or without his help but feel free to blame him anyway. Everything else is his fault so what is one more thing.

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Did They Really Need A Forum To Figure This Out?

The University of South Dakota apparently felt the need to figure this out once and for all when they hosted a forum on Wednesday to settle the question, “Is the Obama/Hilter comparison valid?”

The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without a universal health care system, Wymar said. If Obama is compared to Hitler because he favors universal health coverage, that would make the leader of nearly every other leading nation also like Hitler, Wymar said.

“Are they all Hitlers?” Wymar asked. “Maybe they should have a conference of Hitlers.”

Obama and Hitler have tremendously different backgrounds, said Don Pryce, a retired USD history professor.

Whereas Hitler dropped out of junior high, was homeless and didn’t hold a full-time paying job until he became chancellor of Germany, Obama worked his way up the ladder, Pryce said.

Hitler was abnormal in his ability to love or his ability to work, Pryce said. Hitler reportedly had sexual obsessions, including relations with his niece who later committed suicide, he said.

“On the other hand, Obama is married to a woman of intellect, poise and charm, and they have two children,” Pryce said.

The two leaders also have different governing styles, Pryce said.

“Hitler had a mindset. He had a view of how the world works, and how to bring it about,” the professor said. “He had a significant refusal to compromise. He ideology was victory, not consensus. Win, not lose.”

Hitler’s politics had a sense of absoluteness, filled with hatred, intolerance and inflexibility, Pryce said.

“In contrast, Obama seeks bipartisanship, cooperation and global understanding,” the professor said. “Unlike Hitler, genocide is not part of Obama’s goal.”

Hitler symbolizes the ultimate evil, leading to the deaths of million of people, Pryce said. “His 12 years in office was marked by a self-destructive impulse,” the professor said.

Hitler exhibited strong anti-Semitism his entire life, Pryce said. Hitler expounded on his hatred of Jews in “Mein Kampf,” his autobiographical manifesto on socialism.

“In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote, if the Jews win, all life would be doomed. There would be no life left if the Jews won,” Pryce said.

“If the wrong race won, Hitler was sure that life would surely come to an end. He needed not just to save the human race, but life itself.”

Hitler saw a struggle of the races, Pryce said. War was necessary, with the need for the superior to enslave the inferior, he said.

Ironically, Hitler suffered from an inferiority complex, Pryce said. Hitler’s rabid anti-Semitism was rooted in his own fear that he was part Jewish, he added.

“It was a sign of extremism and distrust,” Pryce said. “What (Hitler) thinks and knows was the only truth, and he had to win. He was the savior of all life in the universe.”

There, aren’t you glad that they settled that question?

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Bush Legacy

I heard about former George Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer’s new book last night on one of the cable news shows and besides his documenting Bush’s less than flattering opinions on Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be Vice President, one Bush quote really made me laugh.

Look, I know this probably sounds arrogant to say, but I redefined the Republican Party.

Isn’t that one of the truest things Bush ever said? After his 8 year reign atop the GOP, his redefined edition of the Republican Party might need to spend just as many years redefining itself again into something that isn’t irrelevant.

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Man That Is Some Kool Aid They Must Be Selling

koolaidThe latest scare tactic coming from the GOP talking heads has got to be the most ridiculous yet. (Ok, probably not as they can get quite ridiculous)

On September 8th, a day in which the majority of US children will have already gone back to school, Barack Obama has scheduled a television back-to-school address in which he plans to talk to the kids about the usual stuff like study hard, stay in school, and basically just be a good student. The Department of Education has even produced an activities list that they provided schools that would allow them to make his speech a classroom project.

So what is the problem?

Apparently some on the right have some spare time on their hands in between promoting death panels scare tactics and now want us to believe that Obama’s speech is actually another way for him to promote his Socialist agenda by getting the kiddies involved.

But already, some conservatives are crying foul. The chairman of the Florida Republican Party is condemning Obama’s speech as an attempt to “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.”

“The idea that school children across our nation will be forced to watch the President justify his plans for government-run health care, banks, and automobile companies, increasing taxes on those who create jobs, and racking up more debt than any other President, is not only infuriating, but goes against beliefs of the majority of Americans, while bypassing American parents through an invasive abuse of power,” Chairman Jim Greer said in a press release.

So Obama is really going to talk to 2nd and 3rd graders on the benefits of single payer health care system, cap and trade, and bank bailouts? How tight does one’s tin foil hat have to be to think that for one, a 7 year old would pay attention for more than 10 seconds during such a conversation, and two that such a tactic would be of any benefit?

Of course no one would be stupid enough to believe this right? Next they’ll want us to think that Obama isn’t really eligible to be President

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An Now For Something Completely Different

Ok, not really as quitting unreliability seems to be an everyday occurrence in Sarah Palin’s world but considering how she rarely seems to follow through on a commitment, one would have to wonder why she still has such a large following willing to book her for anything in the first place (maybe they are puppies following their master)? This time she reportedly failed to show up for an event right up her alley, a rally promoting an Alaska ballot measure aimed at making it illegal for teens to get an abortion without telling their parents.

Organizers of an Anchorage event that has been billing Sarah Palin for weeks as a star speaker were left scrambling Wednesday after learning that the former governor won’t be there for tonight’s event and claims to have never been asked.

It would be at least the fourth time in recent months that an anticipated Palin speech has fallen through after Palin and her camp disputed they had ever confirmed it. That includes the brouhaha over whether she’d speak at the annual congressional Republican fundraising dinner in Washington, D.C., this summer.

Democrats can only hope that she runs for the White House in 2012. Her doing so will do more to further their chances for 4 mores years than just about any other reason and the fact that the right wing holds her in such high regard is a big reason why they are where they are now. Now if they can just further the WorldnetDaily crowd’s unexplainable love affair with Chuck Norris, the Democrats could have their ultimate 2012 GOP dream ticket, Palin/Norris.

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No Heath Care Reform For You!

Taking a thought from Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”, South Dakota’s version of that character, John (no Democrat authored reforms for you!) Thune, has finally come out and said what we pretty much knew from the beginning. Comprehensive health care reform will happen over the GOP’s dead body.

In a conference call with reporters, Thune argued that an incremental approach to health care reform is “the only way to end up with a bipartisan bill.” But he warned the greatest hurdle to such a solution could end up being Republicans’ unwillingness to trust Democratic leaders to not use the conference process to rewrite a rifle-shot bill into a fully comprehensive bill.

Ted Kennedy’s death, the Democrat’s missing spine disorder, and the GOP’s puppet masters otherwise known as the health insurance industry have all but signaled that comprehensive health reform is itself on the verge of being taken off of life support unless the Democrats grow a pair and kick this time wasting bipartisan crap. (who won the election anyhow?)

Considering the Democrats’ unwillingness to pursue torture crimes and 4th Amendment violations committed under the previous watch, I am not holding my breath so please excuse me while I look to get a second mortgage to pay for next years health insurance premiums and excuse Thune while he looks to spend the $1,206,176 he reportedly received from the health care industry…

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Pick A Party Steffi

I came across this cartoon and immediately thought of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin who during the ongoing health care debate again proved that the “D” after her name is often questionable to folks like myself.

And while some South Dakota Republicans might say that she is just voting on issues the way her mostly Conservative South Dakotan base wanted her to do, a new Gallup poll reported on by the Hog House blog shows that statement might not be quite as true anymore.

South Dakota leaning Democratic? Are pigs flying? Of course I’ll believe that when the votes are counted in 2010 but one thing I do believe. If Steffi continues to piss off South Dakota’s growing number of Democrats and Independents, the shrinking number of her Republican supporters angry from many of her other votes might make her re-election, which has been a sure thing until now, not so sure. That is of course unless the GOP puts another Bruce Whalen clone on the ballot to challenge her…

Oh and Steffi, you are off much of this month but for some reason you don’t seem to be doing any public meetings to allow us to question your votes, what’s up with that?

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