Thune Not Running For POTUS

Not surprisingly, our junior Senator John Thune has decided that he will not be running for the Presidency. In his press release, Thune gives a myriad of reasons for his decision including being able to best serve South Dakota but strangely missing is his real reason for not running.

He didn’t want to get his ass whooped in the primaries…

Any numbers one chooses to cite shows that he would have gotten trounced and would have been lucky to make it out of the first couple of primaries. CPAC polling as well as the latest New Hampshire straw poll had Thune listed so low that he was all but a footnote not even rising to crazy wingnut Michele Bachmann levels. No way Thune sees these numbers as anything but what they are, the end of a Presidential run.

Thune’s choice not to run is not the result of any revelation from his prayers or because of any desire to better serve South Dakota. Thune isn’t running because his golden boy image would have been severely tarnished by the trouncing he would have experienced.

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Senate Follows House In Extending Patriot Act Spy Provisions

Both of South Dakota’s Senators followed House member Kristi Noem and voted last night to extend  three controversial Patriot Act spy measures that were set to expire in a few weeks. Tim Johnson and John Thune concluded that our 4th Amendment wasn’t important and voted to allow our government to continue the following Constitutionally challenged activities:

• “Roving wiretap” provision that allows the FBI to obtain wiretaps from a secret intelligence court, known as the FISA court (for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), without identifying the target or what method of communication is to be tapped.

• The “lone wolf” measure allows FISA court warrants for the electronic monitoring of a person for whatever reason — even without showing that the suspect is an agent of a foreign power or a terrorist. The government has said it has never invoked that provision, but the Obama administration said it wanted to retain the authority to do so.

• The “business records” provision allows FISA court warrants for any type of record, from banking to library to medical, without the government having to declare that the information sought is connected to a terrorism or espionage investigation.

As for our fearless leader Barack Obama coming to the rescue by not signing this? Not going to happen as he is on record wanting these provisions extended as well.

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Even Michele Bachman Beats Thune

For all those holding out hope for a John Thune White House, a newly released New Hampshire straw poll should make you pause and wake up from your dream.

As expected, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won with 35-percent of the vote. He was followed by Texas Congressman Ron Paul with 11-percent.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty came in third with 8-percent, followed by former vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin with 7-percent.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman was fifth with 5-percent.

Thune tied with U-S Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, Jr. with zero-percent.

0 percent, really?

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Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water?

I realize that political parties exist because of differing viewpoints on many issues but this is becoming ridiculous.

The US has had an arms reduction treaty in place with Russia effectively since the SALT I treaty in 1969. The latest of these treaties, SORT, is set to expire in 2012 so in 2009 the US and Russia negotiated the “New Start Treaty” to continue the process.

Congress has been debating the final approval of New Start since Obama signed it in April and like seemingly everything else that doesn’t involve bringing pork to South Dakota, our Senators line up on completely opposite ends of the debate.

Democrat Tim Johnson said he will vote for the New START treaty as an important part of national security. Without it, Johnson says U.S. has no inspectors in Russia.

Republican John Thune said on Sunday that he would vote against it because it doesn’t hold the Russians to a strict enough inspection program.

I am having a really hard time trying to understand Thune’s position as wouldn’t voting this down effectively replace the inspections called for in the treaty with nothing? That certainly doesn’t sound very strict to me. I would think having something in place that reduces both country’s ability to blow up the world from 15 times to only 10 and keeps verification procedures of some kind in place would be a whole lot better than having nothing at all.

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Thune Is Angry

Oh the irony. Senator John Thune is upset that, get this, the lame duck Congress has actually brought bills to the floor and got them voted on. How dare they do their jobs!

Republican Senator John Thune says he’s surprised the U.S. Senate is staying so busy in the final days of the session.

He says some of the issues should be carried over to the next session of Congress and shouldn’t be taken up in a lame-duck session.

Amazing how things work when Republican’s don’t have the votes to block bills from being voted on. I hope Thune feels better come January when the House Democrats turn around and give the GOP some of their own obstructionist medicine. (That is if the Dems ever grow a pair…)

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