Picture Again Worth A Thousand Words

Came across this picture which once again reminded me of what has been going on in Texas.

For those unfamiliar, the state Board of Education with support from their secessionist approving Governor Rick Perry (hence the reminder from the picture above), has been attempting to turn Texas public schools into an extension of Sunday school by among other things distributing bibles in public schools and by trying to effectively remove the teaching of most sciences from school curriculums.

With that in mind, signs like this would just be a funny coincidence if they didn’t foreshadow a possible future which is more often than not on display whenever you attend one of the local tea party functions

(h/t – TFN Insider)

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22 Milliseconds Costs Company $850,000

In a lawsuit reminiscent of the McDonalds Coffee spill case, a jury awarded a family and their son’s estate a total of $850,000 after he was killed from being struck by a line drive during a baseball game. So who you ask was determined to be at fault for the families unquestionable tragic loss?

Despite findings that there were no defects with the bat, the jury still felt that Hillerich & Bradsby Co., the maker of the aluminum bat was to blame because they didn’t properly warn everyone that using their bat could result in a batted ball traveling a few MPH faster than it would have with a wooden bat.

In the verdict read in District Judge Kathy Seeley’s courtroom, the jurors found the company, which makes Louisville Slugger bats, liable for failing to warn users of the danger of its aluminum bats and that this failure caused the accident that killed 18-year-old Patch.


Baseballs hit with aluminum bats, such as the one used in that American Legion game, only give pitchers milliseconds to respond in a defensive stance, the plaintiffs said. Plaintiff’s attorney Joe White said the average time needed by a pitcher to defend a batted ball is 400 milliseconds. Patch had 378 milliseconds to respond, he said.

Guess what, coffee is hot and spilling it in your lap could burn your mommy or daddy bits and standing on a pitching mound 45-60 feet away from someone hitting a ball in your direction can be dangerous no matter what the bat is made from. A great loss for the family for sure but hardly the fault of the bat maker.

At least the lawyers won’t go hungry…

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Teacher Suspended For Teaching

An Illinois High School English teacher has been suspended for having his students read an article documenting the fact that some so-called unnatural acts aren’t as unnatural as some would like you to believe.

Delong is said to have allowed students to read the article “The Gay Animal Kingdom” from the June 7, 2006, edition of Seed magazine. Seed magazine is a science and culture publication.

The article by Jonah Lehrer talks about the research of Joan Roughgarden, a biology professor at Stanford University who said she has documented homosexual societies among the more than 450 animal species.

Another example on how knowledge can be a terrible thing when it contradicts one’s world view. The more ignorant they are kept, the easier they are to control…

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And The Winner Is…

I have been following the nomination process for the 2009 Crockoduck Award, which is given each year to the most ignorant of those who cherry pick science to fit their worldview, from the beginning.

Each year the competition is usually stiff with Kent Hovind winning last year but this year it was no contest.

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Happy Birthday!?

Those of us that understand that the 60’s television show The Flintstones was fiction might have missed a Fundie milestone that occurred yesterday though PZ Myers didn’t.

According to 17th-century Archbishop James Ussher and still believed by many to this day, everything everywhere turned 6013 years old yesterday. Ussher used various biblical sources to calculate the exact date of god’s creation of all things as happening on Sunday October 23, 4004 BC.

And I didn’t even bake a cake…

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Poor Orly

The queen birther Orly Taitz, who was recently warned to quit wasting the court’s time with frivolous lawsuits regarding President Obama’s citizenship, has been smackdown once again. This time it will hit her pocket book in the form of a $20,000 fine for continuing her crusade against Obama.

Counsel Orly Taitz is hereby ordered to pay $20,000.00 to the United States, through the Middle District of Georgia Clerk’s Office, within thirty days of the date of this Order as a sanction for her misconduct in violation of Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Judge Clay Land wasn’t impressed with Taitz

The Court finds that counsel’s conduct was willful and not merely negligent. It demonstrates bad faith on her part. As an attorney, she is deemed to have known better. She owed a duty to follow the rules and to respect the Court. Counsel’s pattern of conduct conclusively establishes that she did not mistakenly violate a provision of law. She knowingly violated Rule 11. Her response to the Court’s show cause order is breathtaking in its arrogance and borders on delusional. She expresses no contrition or regret regarding her misconduct. To the contrary, she continues her baseless attacks on the Court.


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The Obama Olympic Legacy?

Conventional GOP political wisdom seems to be that the chosen one, otherwise known as Barack Obama isn’t the messiah that all of us left of center are perceived to think he is. (can an Atheist have a messiah?) The latest example being used is his unsuccessful trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to try to bring the 2016 Olympics to his adopted home town of Mombasa Chicago. Of course his trip couldn’t get Chicago more than last place finish and will likely provide political fodder for the Glenn Beck crowd for months.

While some are quick to jump on the blame Obama bandwagon, a couple other reasons for Chicago’s losing bid seems to be a bit more plausible for those of us not laying awake at night suffering from Obama paranoia.

First on the list could be the rightwing’s own campaign to politicize the recent murder of a 17 year old Chicago teen. You know the one that Michelle Malkin recently used as another backhanded attempt at ripping Obama while tying it to Chicago’s Olympic bid at the same time.

Community organizing has not stopped Chicago’s teen violence epidemic. The Olympics will not solve this long-festering problem, either.

This type of rhetoric does nothing to downplay Chicago’s already less than stellar reputation of a being a rough town and these kind of reminders certainly didn’t help their cause.

Even more damning I would suspect would have made it hard for any US city to win an Olympic bid as things stand now. Have you tried flying into the US from foreign countries lately? Well some I.O.C. members have and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Among the toughest questions posed to the Chicago bid team this week in Copenhagen was one that raised the issue of what kind of welcome foreigners would get from airport officials when they arrived in this country to attend the Games. Syed Shahid Ali, an I.O.C. member from Pakistan, in the question-and-answer session following Chicago’s official presentation, pointed out that entering the United States can be “a rather harrowing experience.”

Of course, when most of these I.O.C. members’ countries begin living under the constant threat of attack from religious extremists, maybe they can then talk of the trials of airport security. But I can say with certainty that the TSA experience is probably not used in any tourism literature found in foreign travel agencies and was likely another negative factor in the final decision.

So short of Obama actually being the messiah which would have allowed to him to just impose his will, Chicago probably never had a real shot with or without his help but feel free to blame him anyway. Everything else is his fault so what is one more thing.

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