Job Killing Health Care Law, So That Is What You Are Going With?

I was just perusing Kristi Noem’s page on and I came across one of the first bills our freshman representative co-sponsored. H.R. 2 is the oft promised attempt by the GOP to repeal Obamacare and the fact that the newly christened GOP controlled House has chosen to make this a priority early into this session is no surprise nor is the fact that Noem is a co-sponsor. What caught my eye though was the name of the bill.

H.R.2 – Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act

Official Summary

1/5/2011–Introduced.Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act – Repeals the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, effective as of its enactment. Restores provisions of law amended by such Act. Repeals the health care provisions of the Health Care and Education and Reconciliation Act of 2010, effective as of the Act’s enactment. Restores provisions of law amended by the Act’s health care provisions.

As things stand now, this bill will likely not get farther than the House so it is a moot point but that still doesn’t address the little problem of their logic being a bit in question. You see, their own quoted sources, the CBO and NFIB, actually could be used to show a net increase of as many as 240,000 jobs. (GOP interpretation from CBO pulled directly out of their a** -650,000, NFIB Healthcare related jobs created +890,000)

Certainly both sides can spit out their own numbers until the cows come home, but is job killer really the best they could do? How about “H.R.2 – Repealing the evil Liberal plan to secularize America”? Or maybe “H.R.2 – Repealing the Socialist’s plot to overthrow our way of life”? After all let’s not let the facts get in the way some some good old fashioned fear mongering.

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Grow A Pair

So now it is official. The House passed health care reform, the gloom and doom predictors are in fine form, and all I plan on saying for the moment is that the Democrats now own this (though you and I and our kids will be paying the bill) and going forward will have to answer to the consequences good or bad.

The one question I have from the process that came to a head last night is whether the as of yet unnamed Republican Congressman whom yelled out “baby killer” to staunch pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak will have the balls to own up to his comment? Early conjecture has the comment coming from someone from the Texas delegation which given the state’s current state of wingnut affairs wouldn’t be a surprise.

Come on now we are waiting…Joe Wilson needs someone to join his diarrhea of the mouth club.

UPDATE: Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer was apparently the member who shouted “baby killer” during the House session last night.

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Heath Care Reform And Conspiracy Theories

First let me re-state again that I don’t think the government should be getting in the health care business. Putting any Constitutional questions aside, the old saying involving screwing up a wet dream comes to mind whenever “large social program” and “government run” are used in the same sentence. With that being said, once the Democrats decided to work to get health care reform done, the conspiracy theories started coming out of the woodwork from all directions in an attempt to derail it.

The first real whopper came from our favorite dingbat Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. It intimated that Obamacare (I really hate that term) would form government run death panels whose sole purpose would be to choose whether grandma or grandpa would get the lifesaving treatments they needed. Of course that wasn’t true nor did she criticize the current state of health care were insurance companies already have that job but you get the idea.

The latest conspiracy theory involves the always controversial subject of abortion and Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak’s attempt to ensure that any government run heath care package not include paying for the procedure. You would expect that the possibility of any pro-lifer’s tax dollars being used to fund abortions would understandably be a deal breaker for them and in an effort to make sure that everyone else would be against it as well, they took statements from Stupak himself and twisted them into their latest conspiracy.

According to some, the real reason the Democrats don’t want to add the Stupak amendment to any heath care reform package has nothing to do with the fact that abortion is a legal and often medically necessary procedure but is something else altogether. These folks want you to believe that the reason Democrats really don’t want to ban abortion funding is because abortions are a cheaper option than forcing someone to carry to full term all these children that would subsequently be born with health issues. You know, the always popular procedure made (in)famous by the Nazi’s, Eugenics.

In order to be effective, a policy of using abortion as a cost-cutting measure would have to aim at preventing the birth of babies with such pre-existing conditions. The goal would be not a reduction in the number of babies, but an “improvement” in the “quality” (narrowly defined in economic terms) of the babies who are born. This is known as eugenics.

Wow, who would who would have known that all the “Obama is a Nazi” rhetoric was so true and that Roe v. Wade decision was actually an attempt by the radical left wing Supreme Court to kill off all the undesirables? Where is Jesse Ventura when you need him?

UPDATE: Just an aside to this. Nothing in the Senate version of the healthcare bill would allow for federally funded abortions other than those limited cases currently allowed by the Hyde Amendment but of course very few people are mentioning this especially among those playing the eugenics card.

(As always, a tip of the hat to Dakota Voice for providing me with all the wingnut news fit to print exposing this latest pernicious lie)

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Franken Discusses The Healthcare/Bankruptcy Claims

Diana Furchtgott-Roth from the Hudson Institute recently published an article that sought to debunk a study claiming that the share of bankruptcies attributable to health care costs rose by 50% between 2001 and 2007. Minnesota Senator Al Franken discusses this claim with Furchtgott-Roth and throws out a few numbers of his own.

UPDATE: Apparently I am behind the times, Cory over at the Madville Times beat me to posting this…

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Health Insurance Companies' Bait And Switch Tactics Backfiring?

The health insurance industry initially vowed to help the Obama administration’s efforts at reform but then pulled back on those efforts by coming out against the proposed legislation at the last minute. Now the Democrats seem to have taken that policy switch as further reason to try and put in place deep reforms aimed squarely at the insurance industry’s heart as payback.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned insurance companies on Thursday that health-care reform could cost the industry dearly through new fees, fewer regulatory protections and fresh competition from the federal government.

The blunt admonition echoed a round of harsh statements Wednesday from senior Senate Democrats, and came in response to the insurance’s lobby’s aggressive campaign to block reform legislation from advancing. An internal industry study released earlier this week found that the Senate reform bill would cause premiums to rise sharply, but the report’s findings have been widely disputed.


Pelosi said the House may adopt a Senate provision that would assess a flat fee on insurance companies that is expected to generate about $40 billion over 10 years, as a way to pay for its reform bill. She advocated House language that would require health-insurance companies to to spend 85 cents of every dollar they collect in premiums on benefits.

And she singled out the antitrust exemption that has protected the industry since 1945, the McCarran-Ferguson Act that allows states to regulate insurance without interference from the federal government.

Now we will see if the Democrats have the votes and more importantly the so far missing backbone to go through with this in the face of the huge lobbying machine backed by big insurance. If they actually do follow through,  it couldn’t happened to a nicer industry (said as I am looking over the changes and fee increases to my 2010 health insurance policy)…

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Our Healthcare System Is Just Peachy

Unless you are a 4 month old with a healthy appetite.

Alex Lange is a chubby, dimpled, healthy and happy 4-month-old.But in the cold, calculating numbered charts of insurance companies, he is fat. That’s why he is being turned down for health insurance. And that’s why he is a weighty symbol of a problem in the health care reform debate.Insurance companies can turn down people with pre-existing conditions who aren’t covered in a group health care plan. Alex’s pre-existing condition — “obesity” — makes him a financial risk. Health insurance reform measures are trying to do away with such denials that come from a process called “underwriting.””If health care reform occurs, underwriting will go away. We do it because everybody else in the industry does it,” said Dr. Doug Speedie, medical director at Rocky Mountain Health Plans, the company that turned down Alex.By the numbers, Alex is in the 99th percentile for height and weight for babies his age. Insurers don’t take babies above the 95th percentile, no matter how healthy they are otherwise.

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GOP Senator Falls Asleep During Healthcare Debate

Apparently Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning was all burned out after doing his best to derail Max Baucus’ latest Heath Care reform proposal. He was so tired in fact that he decided to take a nap right in the middle of the Senate Finance Committee meeting in which the latest proposal was being discussed.

From the Washington Post:

The Senate Finance Committee was barely an hour into its consideration of health-care reform on Tuesday morning, but Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) already knew where he stood.

“I do not support a government takeover of the health-care system,” he railed. The proposal “confiscates more money from the taxpayers,” he went on. “It tramples on American freedom and liberties.”

After this vigorous display of open-mindedness, Bunning was spent. About an hour later, spectators noticed that the senator, who had been resting his chin in his hand, had fallen fast asleep. As giggles rippled through the chamber, an aide shook Bunning, who woke with a start.

Not exactly what I would call working towards a bi-partisan compromise would you?

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