Guns Don't Kill

Stupid people in state legislatures with guns do

Richard Ruelas, a reporter for The Arizona Republic, found himself staring down the barrel of Republican state Sen. Lori Klein’s raspberry-pink firearm during a recent interview at the Capitol.

“Oh, it’s so cute,” Klein said of the .380 Ruger that she carries in purse at all times.

While the loaded pistol had no safety and the laser pointer was centered on the reporter’s chest, Klein explained that there was no need to worry.

“I just didn’t have my hand on the trigger,” she said.

This is the same woman who tried to carry her firearm on to the Arizona State Senate floor and who read a letter to the Senate claiming Hispanic students “hate America” and only want to become “gang members and gangsters.”

Perfect poster child for the NRA…

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Ohio Is Channeling Its Inner South Dakota On Gun Wingnuttery

I found out quite quickly after moving to South Dakota that if many here had their way we would all be transported back to the good old days of 1880’s Deadwood where everyone was packing heat and our differences were settled at high noon in the public square. I did have high hopes though that the state of my birth wouldn’t be dragged down into that vortex of wingnuttia.

Unfortunately I was wrong and it appears they have dipped even lower than South Dakota (never thought that was even possible) when it comes to pandering to the NRA crowd with a bill on the Governors desk waiting for his already promised signature.

The bill will allow concealed carrying of firearms in all of Ohio’s Class D licensed liquor establishments, which include bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, museums and sports stadiums.


Just what we need, a bunch of idiots mixing alcohol with guns. Can’t wait to see what happens when a bunch of drunk Brown’s fans in the “Dog Pound” at Cleveland Stadium get pissed off after Colt McCoy throws his next interception…

Ohio’s Version of the 2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear conceal arms to prove how big their “member” is in an environment where testosterone and alcohol flow freely shall not be infringed.

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I'm Guessing His NRA Rating Will Drop

In case you missed it, Iowa has a proposal floating around their legislature that would allow residents to carry guns without any permit, training or background checks. You would likely suspect a law along those lines makes folks like me cringe and apparently some in the Iowa GOP feel the same way except it took an unexpected open mic for it to come out.

Republican Iowa State Rep. Jeff Kaufmann, speaker pro tem of the Iowa State House, was caught joking on a hot mic that a proposal which would allow state residents to carry weapons in public without permission from a sheriff and without any training or a background check might better be called the “give-a-handgun-to-a-schizophrenic-bill.”

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Death, Taxes, And…

As the old saying goes, there are few certainties in life besides death and taxes. One of those few though happens shortly after a mass conflagration like the happenings in Arizona over the weekend.

People either call for stricter gun laws or they respond by putting more guns into circulation.

Greg Wolff, the owner of two Arizona gun shops, told his manager to get ready for a stampede of new customers after a Glock-wielding gunman killed six people at a Tucson shopping center on Jan. 8.

Wolff was right. Instead of hurting sales, the massacre had the $499 semi-automatic pistols — popular with police, sport shooters and gangsters — flying out the doors of his Glockmeister stores in Mesa and Phoenix.

American capitalism at work and as predictable as death and taxes.

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