Trump’s Idea of A Poll And Its Real Purpose

Came across a post by President Trump the other day on facebook and knew something was up as soon as I clicked over to the poll. See if you can see what is missing.


President Trump is Making America Great Again!

Just look at what he’s already accomplished during his short time in office, despite unprecedented obstruction from Democrats and constant lies from the fake news media.Tax cuts for middle-class Americans
Demolishing ISIS
Construction on the wall
Record fundraising from grassroots supporters
A booming economy and so much more!
We all know that the mainstream media will never be honest about President Trump’s incredible accomplishments.

But, President Trump has never cared what they think, he only cares what YOU think.

Please take our Official Presidential Job Performance Poll by 11:59 PM TONIGHT to ensure your response is recorded.
 How would you rate President Trump’s job performance?

Make sure your response is included in our official results. Take the survey now. >>

Thank you in advance for your response,

Team Trump 2020


Reading through this I felt he seemed awful confident that anyone responding will at least somewhat approve of what he is doing by making everyone else have to check other and explain why. I am sure “other” reason will never make it into the final results if they ever see the light of day.

But then after going through the hassle of responding to the poll its real purpose became clear. Not 5 minutes after responding, the fundraising emails started arriving and the real purpose became clear as day.

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