Why I Left The Republican Party

If one needs any reason why many people are leaving and have left the Republican Party, one need not look any further than the discussions going on over at the South Dakota GOP press release web site Dakota War College.

Bob Ellis takes time out of his busy day of hating gays and Liberals over at his place to tell the mostly republican audience that they need to measure up to his standards of conservatism or else. Obviously I could never live up to those standards (which is why I left a long time ago) and from what I can tell, neither can many others in the SDGOP whom have now become targets of Ellis and other fringe groups and their robo/name calling campaign to cleanse the party.

If you have the stomach, head on over and check it out and then try to honestly tell me that Ellis’s version of the GOP is any different than what we’re fighting against overseas with the only difference being the book that they use to justify their hatred and the tactics being employed to make their point.

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