Milking The Gullible Continues To Be Profitable

You would think that selling yourself as the doomsday prophet and then having the date of your prophecy come and go without incident would be bad for your reputation but what about 3 times?

Harold Camping, the Family Radio preacher who predicted the end of the world for the first time way back in 1994, has apparently left the rapture business after incorrectly predicting it not once but twice this year alone.

For the past five months, Harold Camping’s Family Radio website had posted on its main page an “explanation” of why the world did not end on May 21 and why it would truly end on Oct. 21. Four days after Camping’s failed doomsday date, however, that explanation has been removed, suggesting that Family Radio may be out of the rapture prediction business.

But before anyone starts to feel sorry for the man who’s supposed unquestioned faith proved to be wrong you should know that playing on the beliefs of the faithful can be quite profitable, like 75 million dollar profitable. Certainly no vow of poverty for this preacher…

So what is worse, predicting the end of days at least 3 different times by pulling arbitrary dates out of your rear end and banking millions while doing it or sending money to the guy who did?

So in honor of Harold Camping, I predict the rapture will happen January 3rd, 2024 (no particular biblical reason, I just pulled the date out of my ass). Any Camping follower or anyone else that truly believes, feel free to send money to me at the link in my sidebar so I can spread the word.

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