Fuzzy Math

The GOP claims they are all about cutting spending and creating jobs so isn’t it interesting that they decided to leave Washington for a month without passing a funding bill for the Federal Aviation Administration. What you say is so interesting about that?

How does putting up to 74,000 workers on indefinite furlough and costing as much as $1 billion in lost tax revenue sound? How’s that for interesting? And what is even more interesting is one of the main reasons the GOP has refused to reach a funding deal (besides the GOP’s hatred of unions) revolves around a $200 million FAA program that subsidizes rural airports known as the Essential Air Service which readers here might remember I have touched on in the past.
Now I will not go into whether or not this program should continue as I discussed that in the linked to post above but isn’t it funny that Congress’s refusal to pass a bill because of its cost is actually costing us many times as much as the program that they are against?
That must be that new math I’ve heard so much about.
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