Michele Bachmann Is Good For Business, The Fact Checking Business That Is

Michele Bachmann’s announcement yesterday that she was entering the race for 2012 has made plenty of people happy. Obviously the religious fundamentalists and teabaggers are overjoyed because of Bachmann’s extreme right wing views but another group that has to be happy are the various fact checking organizations that will need to add staff just to keep up with Bachmann’s outright lies, gaffes, and half truths.

See there, Bachmann is likely already creating jobs and she hasn’t won anything yet!

One of those groups, Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact.com,  has documented 26 statements from Bachmann to date. Of those 26 only one proved to be true with 7 more being determined to be either half or barely true. The other 18 were proven to be false or even worse, “pants on fire” which is Politifacts’ politically correct way of saying she lied her ass off.

She got her campaigning off to a flying start on Sunday with her latest gaffe. While speaking to Faux News she compared her spirit to that of another Waterloo, Iowa native John Wayne. Unfortunately for Bachmann, the only John Wayne that spent any amount of time in Waterloo was renowned serial killer John Wayne Gacy. But what the heck she was close right?

Some more of her highlights that don’t even include her claim that God called on her to run:

BACHMANN: “If you look at one of our Founding Fathers, John Quincy Adams, that’s absolutely true. He was a very young boy when he was with his father serving essentially as his father’s secretary. He tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure that we did in fact one day eradicate slavery.” – On ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

REALITY: John Quincy Adams was not a Founding Father. He was 9 when the Declaration of Independence was made and 20 when the Constitution was adopted. His father, John Adams, was the Revolutionary War figure and an architect of the declaration – and therefore a Founding Father. Both father and son became president. Bachmann was defending her earlier, inaccurate remark that the Founding Fathers had devoted themselves to ending slavery.

BACHMANN: “Overnight we are hearing that potentially 10 to 30,000 people could have been killed in the strike.” – Criticizing Obama in May for the “foolish” U.S. intervention in Libya, and citing what she said were reports of a civilian death toll from a NATO strike as high as 30,000.

REALITY: The U.S. ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz, said in late April that U.S. officials have seen reports that 10,000 to 30,000 people may have died in Moammar Gadhafi’s crackdown on protesters and the fighting between rebels and pro-government forces, but it is hard to know if that is true. He was speaking about all casualties of the conflict; no one has attributed such a death toll to NATO bombing alone, much less to a single strike.

BACHMANN: “It’s ironic and sad that the president released all of the oil from the strategic oil reserve. … There’s only a limited amount of oil that we have in the strategic oil reserve. It’s there for emergencies.” – On CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

REALITY: Obama did not empty all the oil from the strategic reserve, as Bachmann said. He approved the release of 30 million barrels, about 4 percent of the 727 million barrels stored in salt caverns along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. It’s true that the U.S. normally taps the reserve for more dire emergencies than exist today, and that exposes Obama to criticism that he acted for political gain. But the reserve has never been fuller; it held 707 million barrels when last tapped, after 2008 hurricanes.

BACHMANN: “One. That’s the number of new drilling permits under the Obama administration since they came into office.” – Comment to a conservative conference in Iowa in March.

REALITY: The Obama administration issued more than 200 new drilling permits before the Gulf oil spill alone. Over the past year, since new safety standards were imposed, the administration has issued more than 60 shallow-water drilling permits. Since the deep water moratorium was lifted in October, nine new wells have been approved.

It’s going to be a fun campaign season…

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