The Romney/Huntsman Problem

Being that Barack Obama has among many things, failed to get us out of 2 unwinnable and costly wars (and has since added a 3rd), failed to do much of anything to fix the economy or create jobs, and has chosen to allow the continuation of the assault on the 4th Amendment under the guise of the Patriot Act, the 2012 GOP field holds more than a passing interest to me. Unfortunately though even disregarding the nutjobs that claim their imaginary friend in the sky told them to run, one still doesn’t have much of a selection.

A couple that do peak my interest, partly because of their views and partly because our local wingnuts hate them (they must be doing something right don’t you think?) are Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. Obviously there is a lot of time left for them to screw up by pandering to the tea baggers or the religious right but even running a perfect campaign going forward, a new Gallup poll shows that both Romney and Huntsman must overcome a major handicap.

At 22%, Americans’ resistance to electing a Mormon president, even one nominated by their own party, is exceeded only by their opposition to electing someone who is either gay or lesbian (32%) or an atheist (49%). By contrast, less than half as many, 10%, say they would not vote for a Hispanic, and fewer than 10% would not vote for a nominee who is Jewish, Baptist, Catholic, female, or black.

No matter what happens going forward it is likely it will come down to another election where many, myself included, will end up holding our noses when pulling the lever for whomever we do end up choosing. In Romney and Huntsman’s case, being Mormon isn’t going to help. But at least they aren’t gay or an atheist or even worse, a gay atheist…

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