And Now There Are 4

Wisconsin State Senator Randy Hopper recently became the fourth Republican to face recall after voting for Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union “money saving bill” that saves no money. Wisconsinites gathered 23,000 petition signatures to force a recall election later this year. On its face this would be a story in and of itself but with Hopper it doesn’t even come close to being the whole story.

In March protesters showed up at his house only to be told by Hopper’s wife that he was now living elsewhere with his 26 year old girl toy whom had “coincidently” just landed a primo job with the state government.

Hopper suffered quite the embarassment in March when protesters arrived at his home in Fond du Lac in eastern Wisconsin. Demanding that Hopper come outside, the protesters instead encountered Hopper’s estranged wife, who explained that Hopper actually lived in Madison with a 26-year-old mistress. Next, it emerged that Walker’s chief of staff helped land Hopper’s mistress a prime job in the Wisconsin state government.

Now it is being reported that Hopper’s contact number given to his constituents in a letter from his office is actually an Adult chat line…oops!

In the latest juicy news on Sen. Hopper, Raw Story reports that a letter from Hopper’s office lists for constituents a contact number that is in fact an adult chat line. Callers to the number are greeted with a voice saying, “Hey there, sexy guy…” It’s unclear how Hopper managed to send constituents to a service that bills itself as “the country’s favorite live talk,” but the gaffe is yet another headache for the embattled Republican.

Wisconsin’s Conservatives must be very proud.

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