Chuck Norris Takes On Sharia Law

I realize that the 1st Amendment is very hard for action movie rejects Conservative commentators like Chuck Norris to grasp but come on, can someone please give me one real example of Sharia law being implemented anywhere in our government? Norris seems to believe it is running rampant here, so much so he has penned the first of what he says will be a series of Op Ed’s on the subject over at that source for hard hitting news, WorldNutDaily, lamenting the impeding end of our Republic all because of Sharia Law.

Norris begins his screed by making sure we all know he isn’t an islamaphobe, you know because we might think that someone who consistently denigrates Islam might not be too keen on Muslims, and then he goes on to describe the evils of those that subscribe to certain tenants of that religion, specifically the hadd or hudud offenses.

So now that Norris has explained to us why Sharia is bad, he then tries to connect the dots on how it is creeping into our society by first citing a case in Florida where a judge ruled that Islamic law should be used to decide only the legitimacy of arbitration a civil dispute between a Mosque and 4 of it’s former trustee’s. Of course Norris completely omits the rest of the story where the same judge also said that Florida Law would be used to actually decide the case. Strike 1 Chuckles.

Norris then tries to further explain the legitimacy of his fears by citing the proliferation of bills being debated in states across the US specifically targeted at Sharia. Afterall if you believe everyone is out to get you it must be true right? He happens to cite the attempt in Alabama where the bill’s chief proponent was forced to admit he didn’t even know what Sharia law was. Strike 2 Col. Braddock.

Finally Norris cites his 3rd example of how Sharia is bad by quoting a British TV interview with President Obama’s adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed. Magahed was quoted as saying that she believed that the Western view of Sharia was “oversimplified” and that the majority of women around the world associate it with “gender justice.” Ok, maybe the view of women in Islam doesn’t pass the gender equality smell test of many non-Muslims but I also don’t hear Norris criticizing Catholics for their less than stellar ideas on many women’s issues. Have you seen any woman priests lately? Can you say strike 3 Walker Texas Ranger?

Norris is of course trying to make the argument that were Islam goes Sharia follows and then uses 3 totally baseless arguments to try and make his point. He does this all while ignoring the one real argument that would prevent Sharia from ever really getting entrenched in our country. The one document Norris and Conservative wingnuts constantly fall back on, the Constitution.

So why exactly does Norris and the droves of right wingers across the country refuse to admit that their scare tactics over Sharia are just that, scare tactics? Besides their obvious fear of the Muslim who really isn’t a Muslim in our White House, maybe it is because if they admit that they would also be admitting that the same thing that prevents Sharia also prevents them from getting their Christian agenda further integrated into our society. I doubt Norris will be writing about that anytime soon.

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