The "Science" Teacher That Just Won't Go Away

Former public school “science” teacher John Freshwater is back in the news once again, this time after an Ohio court ruled that his case for overturning the dismissal from his teaching position should be heard in state court.

For those unfamiliar, Freshwater is the 8th grade teacher who first made headlines for refusing to remove a bible from his desk in early 2008. He was initially suspended in October of that year and was finally fired earlier this year for teaching creationism, encouraging prayer and allegedly branding a student with a cross…using a telsa coil!

And they’re still debating whether he should have been fired?

With all the budget cutting going on resulting in untold numbers of wonderful teachers losing their jobs across the country all with just a stroke of a Governor’s pen, should firing teachers like Freshwater be this hard? I mean isn’t our goal to find and employ science teachers that actually teach science and won’t maim our kids while doing so? Amazing…

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