Another BS Meme

The latest meme by House Republicans attempts to blame the Democrats for allowing our military members to go without pay because of their unwillingness to pass the Republican budget proposal that is full of riders that would among other things defund Planned Parenthood and roll back the powers of the EPA. No matter what your thoughts are regarding the GOP riders which have very little to do with balancing the budget by the way, the latest attempt to paint the Democrats in a bad light turns out to be total BS.

As things stand now, shutting down the government tonight would result in our military’s pay being affected but a bill submitted by Republican Louie Gohmert and co-sponsored by 113 House members over a week ago would have ensured that our military members would still get paid if that did in fact happen. The bill in question would do one thing and one thing only, guarantee our servicemen and women get paid. It included no riders or special interest legislation and was introduced with much fanfare but has since faded into obscurity once John Boehner’s Tea Billie puppeteers decided to use the military pay issue against the Democrats.

So this begs the question, is anyone safe from being screwed over in the name of someone’s political agenda anymore? What’s next slashing money for needed health and family planning services for low income young women? Oh wait…

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