Noem Called Out For Not Being Able To Name Spending Cuts

Seems GOP golden girl Kristi Noem might need to bone up on her talking point reciting. John Boehner’s favorite freshman parrot did an interview with the Mitchell Daily Republic where she was asked several times to give examples of spending cuts that she basically ignored before finally repeating the latest GOP target, environmental¬†regulations.

When asked three times Thursday by The Daily Republic to say what spending she wants to eliminate from the federal budget, Rep. Kristi Noem punted twice before citing a set of proposed environmental regulations she wants to forestall.

Later in the day, her spokesman said she supports numerous cuts, including reductions or eliminations in funding for high-speed rail projects, cap-and-trade technical assistance, and subsidies for the Washington Metro rapid transit system.

Not to be outdone, the national Democrats are getting into the act of calling out Noem.

The committee also pointed to a tweet from Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), touting a separate interview with Noem in which she says she wants spending reductions to be as large as possible.

“Speaker John Boehner’s favorite budget-cutting member turns out to not have any budgets that she can identify to cut,” said DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson.

Nothing like being prepared is it Kristi?

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