Non-Budgetary Bill Amazingly Saves Jobs

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced that because of the GOP end around that stripped budgetary provisions from the “budget repair” bill, all of the 1500 layoff notices that went out to state employees were being rescinded. The stripping out of these provisions allowed the passing of the bill  taking away the collective bargaining rights of state workers without needing the votes from the Democrat’s boycotting the debate.

Gov. Scott Walker announced on Friday that he was rescinding layoff notices for 1,500 state workers after Wisconsin lawmakers approved his plan to cut collective bargaining rights and benefits for public employees. The approval, after nearly a month of angry demonstrations and procedural maneuvering, will create enough budget savings, Mr. Walker said, that layoffs will not be needed now

So how exactly did a bill that had no budgetary provisions save enough money to stave off layoffs? Oh that right, despite all the Koch fueled BS to the contrary, it never was about the budget but was instead about union busting…silly me.

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