More Birther Goodness

Tennessee State Senator and birther Mae Beavers recently introduced legislation in her state that would require that all Presidential candidates present their long-form birth certificate before qualifying to be on the ballot. The problem?

She doesn’t even know what a long-form birth certificate is.

It’s a far-fetched goal, and it turns out that Beavers, who recently discussed her bill on Reality Check, a radio show devoted to debunking birther legislation, still has some research to do. From the transcript:

RC: What are the specific requirements in the bill?

MB: That they have to have the long form birth certificate.

RC: What is the long form birth certificate?

MB: Now, you’re asking me to get into a lot of things that I haven’t really looked into yet.

The host then asked the obvious follow-up: why put a term into the bill, if you don’t know what it means? Beavers responded, “Well, we are following some of the bills that have been filed in lots of other states, and you know how it is, you file your bill and, you know, you prepare before you go to committee.”

It appears that the Koch brothers need to provide some training to go along with their talking point memos…

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