Civility Project Halted Due To Lack Of Civility

The 2 year old Civility Project, started in 2008 by Conservative Republican Mark DeMoss and Liberal Democrat Lanny Davis is being shut down due to a lack of interest. The project’s only aim was “to call people from all races, walks of life, and religious and political beliefs to graciousness, kindness, and civility toward all people, especially between those with whom we may disagree“.

The founders decided to shut it down after the civility pledge they sent to every member of Congress and to every sitting governor was signed by a grand total of 3 people. Topping it off, not only did only 3 officials sign it, DeMoss became the object of personal attacks because of it.

“Perhaps one of the most surprising results of this project has been the tone and language used by many of those posting comments on our website and following articles on various media websites about the project,” his letter said.

“Many of them could not be printed or spoken in public media due to vulgar language and vicious personal attacks,” the letter continued. “Sadly, a majority of these came from fellow conservatives.”

Quite ironic…

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