Some More Noem Fluff

That bastion of investigative journalism to the south, the Sioux City Journal, published your standard 20 question type puff piece (actually 19) with our incoming House member Kristi Noem yesterday with few surprises.

In it the interviewer pretty much lobbed softballs and Noem answered with your basic GOP talking points with only a couple of interesting points. First she was asked about whether she was a tea party “believer” to which she did her best tap dance routine and provided a 2 paragraph non-answer.

“Well, you know, there is a lot of discussion about the tea party, because they certainly had an impact on this election. A lot of the things I was talking about in my campaign, the tea party agreed with and supported me because of it. I was talking about balancing budgets, I was talking about not spending more money than we have, and that is certainly things they believe in as well.”

“It is hard to define the tea party. Even within South Dakota, we’ve got so many different tea party groups and they don’t do a lot of communication among themselves. So it is hard to define what is the tea party within South Dakota, but I will say that a lot of my supporters or people who supported me were tea party people, who would call themselves tea party activists.

And then she was asked about whether she thinks entitlements should be cut to which the queen of farm subsidies again did her best to tow the party line without actually saying she would be for cutting any programs and instead only mentioned cutting waste.

“I think that needs to be discussed. I think we need to sit down at the table and talk about our entitlement programs and make sure we have dollars flowing where they should be flowing. There is a lot of waste within those programs that, if we did a diligent job of making sure that benefits go to where they were intended to go, that we could see a substantial cut in some of those programs.”

The more I see and read from her the more I believe that she will fit right in. She has the doublespeak pretty much nailed. She knows the buzzwords that give her supporters goose bumps like cut, spend less, out of control, etc. but when specifics are asked for, the doublespeak comes out. Classic!

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