Liberal Media Says Media Is Conservatively Biased

You hear it all the time, such and such network it just an arm of the Democratic party or that network is run by that Republican so they have to be biased etc. News these days seems to be believed or disbelieved based on which network or web site reports it and who is reading/watching it. Long gone are the days when you would turn on the 6PM network news and honestly believe everything being reported.

So when someone writes an article claiming a certain bias in the media all I do these days is yawn. Such is the case with this piece from John Merline on AOL. Merline breaks out several examples of media reporting from the near past in an attempt to prove that the media is in fact conservatively biased. Comparing the reporting done of Palin vs Biden, Christine O’Donnell vs Alvin Greene, Beck vs Olbermann all point in his mind to an obvious bias to the right.

Of course when reading this, conservatives will shrug it off calling into question the facts used to reach this conclusion while pointing out examples they see of bias to the left and liberals will likely say I told you so. Such is the state of politics today.

Network news is still on every night at 6pm reporting the news but now we have cable news outlets trying to fill their channels with content 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To fill this time they have hired talking heads that don’t even try to hide their bias. Fact checking is becoming a lost art and the wording of news reporting is now often dictated by executives taking their leads from political party talking points. Such has become the state of news reporting with the only determining factor as to which channel or web site you view being which way you lean politically.

The problem today is not that the media is biased because it obviously is at least to some extent. The real problem is that most people know it is biased but still take everything  their network or web site of choice says as if it is gospel.

Liberal bias, conservative bias, whatever. The media is what it is, a business concerned only about ratings and money with the real bias issue mainly lying with those receiving the news. Let’s face it, if we really wanted unbiased fact based journalism would we watch a former morning zoo top 40 DJ to get it?

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