Be Careful About What You Ask For

I’ve been quiet here lately and for someone that has as deep of an interest in politics as I do, that should be telling. I always feel an element of disgust each election cycle when having to wade through the chaff that politicians disseminate, but this year the BS was unbearable.

How often have we had to deal with a fringe element who’s “leaders” likely couldn’t spell Constitution let alone preach to us with a straight face that we have strayed from it but yet still command an amazing amount of political clout?

When is the last time we’ve had a “mainstream” candidate for the US Senate that felt it was necessary to begin a campaign ad with the phrase “I am not a witch”?

Locally we have a candidate for the state house who goes out of his way to tout his military street cred as a reason to vote for him all while trying to explain why we must continue to prevent tens of thousands of patriotic men and women who want to serve from doing so.

Even more telling, it has been less than a decade since our lone house representative with a less than stellar driving record was forced to resign because he killed someone after running a stop sign. Yet believe it or not the likely winner of that seat this year unapologetically has a driving record that includes 20+ moving violations and numerous “failure to appear” citations and arrest warrants. And no Kristi you can’t blame Nancy Pelosi for this.

Of course I can go on and on with examples from both parties but the message is clear at least in my eyes. People have become so fed up with politics as usual that they blindly believe that change for the sake of change is the answer. We thought that in 2008 when the Democrats swept into power and I believe we think that doing so again this time will have a different result. (isn’t that a definition of insanity?)

The problem with this mindset though is it usually ends up putting the fringes of the political spectrum into power and unfortunately as thousands of years of human history can attest, nothing good happens when that is the case.

I am guessing that after today, the GOP will likely have a much bigger say in Washington after several years of only having their obstructionist tactics to keep them warm at night. With that being the case, will this finally mark the start of when American’s hold them to their promises? I doubt it…

Obama promised us the moon when he won the White House and instead his first 2 years have produced higher debt, higher unemployment, and lower hopes and dreams for our future all while the GOP has done nothing but whine, complain, filibuster, and blame others.

Guess what, it appears we will again listen to the promises that claim a lowering of the debt, creation of jobs, and a return to Constitutional principles (I will expect a repeal of the Patriot act very soon…) and many political neophytes will likely win because of those promises. I personally will be holding you to those promises and Ms Noem if you do win today, your party will likely control the agenda in the House this time around so that excuse will no longer fly. Both you and Herseth Sandlin promised a lot all while giving few details on how you would accomplish them but accomplish them you better as I will be watching.

And finally on a personal note directed to our state treasurer candidate Rich Sattgast. I have to say that political ads in general turn me off but I normally can get through them at least once. Your commercial spoofing the AFLAC duck though has to be the most obnoxious and annoying commercials I have ever seen to the point where I mute it before ever getting to hear your message. You might have had a great platform but since I could never get past the freaking duck, I never heard it.

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