Breaking News – Herseth Sandlin Outed As A Democrat!

Republican’s are in stunned disbelief across South Dakota this week as Conservative bloggers have just confirmed that our lone Congressional representative, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, is actually a Democrat with a sometimes left of center voting record. Luckily, after years of exhaustive investigation, local Conservative sleuths were able to discover this just in time for the November elections as her longtime membership in the Democratic party had until now effectively hidden this information.

Of course it is too soon to tell how this will play in the minds of South Dakota Republican’s but this lone writer thinks that this could possibly mean that Conservatives that would never have voted for Herseth Sandlin before will likely still not be voting for her this election cycle. Time will tell.

More news on this breaking story to follow once the South Dakota GOP releases another press release of Fox News talking points or the SDWC and it legions of anonymous political experts provide more irrefutable evidence gleaned from other non-partisan GOP sources providing further proof of this previously unknown story.

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