People Say The Darnedest Things

You do have to love the Argus’ letters Section. Todays classic:

Letter: Believe in God Party
The United States for years has had two political parties: Democrat and Republican.

During President Abraham Lincoln’s time, the Whig party was prominent. Recently, the tea party had notable candidates. My idea is that we could have a party called the Believe in God Party.

To my way of thinking, this party would not contradict any of our constitutional laws. I do not have the knowledge to establish this party. However, I am sure the expertise to do this exists among those who read this letter and take an interest in seeing it to its completion.

Membership in this party would come from conservative thinkers.

Please feel free to call me if you chose to take on this project.

Doesn’t this already exist, you know a church?

Would I have to take a test on bible knowledge, sort of like being confirmed, before I could be in this party? Would our leaders/candidates have to be celibate like the Catholics? Could a woman run? What if you are gay?

Somebody please get this going, I really want to see how it shakes out.

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