South Dakota Values

Continuing with my thoughts on wingnut talking points from yesterday I’d thought I ask about a real common one that we hear all the time from fungelicals in our state and I am betting is something we will be hearing quite a bit from Kristi Noem during the next 4 1/2 months, the infamous “getting back to South Dakota values”. Now please forgive me as I have only lived in the great state of South Dakota for 13 years but I must ask, what exactly are South Dakota values, when did we get away from them, and what makes them different from say Ohio values or New Mexico values?

Do these values consist of complaining about the Government spending more than they make while taking millions in government subsidies or gladly taking much more from the Federal Government than we pay in while complaining about government pork? Is it that we value having some of the lowest wages in the country to the point where some consider a Walmart greeter to be a “good paying” job? Or maybe South Dakota values include railing against a state income tax while accepting far more injurious to the middle class government revenue streams that include sales taxes on food and video lottery? Or just maybe they are making it so that credit card companies can setup shop in our fine state and allow them to charge whatever interest rates they want to the people that can usually least afford it? Those South Dakota values?

Maybe the next time a candidate uses the “getting back to South Dakota values” talking point someone should ask them which values exactly they are talking about…

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