Can We Stick A Fork In Him Yet?

One day before the primary election can we finally stick a fork in the run for Governor of “Tea Party” candidate Gordon Howie? His failure to stay current on his taxes has been in the news for a while and now Bob Mercer lets us in on another Howie tactic.

In an obvious attempt to get around South Dakota election rules calling for $4000 annual limits on individual donations, Howie laundered tens of thousands of dollars from single donors by using various pro-Howie PAC’s which don’t have those limits. (he’s not alone on this by the way as Mercer points out and Howie fails to mention)

Howie went even beyond what was done for Heidepriem in the use of laundering PACs. In April, Howie established a half-dozen new PACs.

Those PACs and two other pro-Howie PACs were used by a Rapid City couple, Gary and April Wenzel, to ship about $140,000 from the Wenzels to Howie’s campaign.

So what does Howie have to say about this latest news? Well in typical Tea Party fashion he doesn’t come out and deny that he funneled the money into his campaign war chest or try to explain why he chose to circumvent election reforms, he instead blames the media for attacking him while wondering why they weren’t calling out the likes of George Soros.

Well, the ever diligent media is beginning to prepare the next attack… The first stories are appearing in the blogsphere today with the question “Are some candidates abusing the PAC system?” and alleging that I may be the worst offender by “laundering” contributions through the PACs… and that this is a new way candidates are “bought and paid for”.

I wonder where they have been as George Soros has spent millions of dollars advancing liberal agendas?

When they begin to assail the commitment of those who have made a significant contribution to the cause of liberty, freedom and good (conservative) government, are they mindful that our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for their country?

Why then should patriotic men and women of today be somehow barred from such a commitment? Perhaps because their sacrifices are in pursuit of an agenda unlike that of Mr. Soros??

Would it be fair to examine the financial contributions of those in the media? If we did, we would either find them supporting a left-leaning agenda, or not making any contribution at all, under the guise of being “un-biased”

Yep, that Tea Party sure is cleaning up the political process isn’t it but I do like how he shoe horned the Tea Party buzzword “patriotic” in there as if circumventing election law was somehow patriotic .

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