San Francisco Beware

I didn’t have a horse in last night’s Sioux Falls Mayoral runoff as I don’t live there but it was sure fun to watch. On one hand you had Kermit Staggers, a career part time legislator who seemingly never voted “yes” on anything in his life (love the Dr No. nickname Todd) and on the other hand you have a career credit card industry executive, Mike Huether, who cut his teeth in the predatory lending division of First Premier Bankcard. Just that background alone made for must watch TV but when it was learned that Huether had hired Democratic super consultant Steve Hildebrand, it became almost comical.

Fresh off his success helping Barack Obama win the White House, Hildebrand, who might be the most hated liberal from South Dakota, joined Huether’s campaign and the sparks began to fly. Did I mention that Hildebrand was Gay? That fact didn’t get lost on Sioux Falls blogging pastor Steve Hickey and soon thereafter we have this:

Mike Huether a step toward Sioux Falls becoming a haven for gays nationwide?

A fascinating, and only recently disclosed “detail,” is that former Obama campaign genius Steve Hildebrand is Sioux Falls Mayoral candidate Mike Huether’s campaign manager. Who are we kidding, Hildebrand has never even hinted that he gives a rip about Sioux Falls economics. To quote the Washington Post a few weeks ago… “[Hildebrand] is especially frustrated about the lack of progress on gay rights”. It’s well established that he’s all about gay rights and gay marriage and now gay adoption. And, good for him. I wish him well. Yet, friends tell me he’s been heard on a conference call to have said something to the effect that he aims to see Sioux Falls become a gay-friendly mecca. Maybe he didn’t use the word mecca, but the idea was that our city would become a place where homosexuals nationwide could come and live openly.

Of course as soon as Pastor Hickey went down that yellow brick road, the parrots in the homophobia flock began chiming in.

what’s next? city policy driven by the gay and lesbian crowd?

The gay community is puny compared to the number of values voters in town. Did you know Hickey is the president of the ministerial association? Obviously you are unaware that gobs of people are switching from Huether to Staggers right now because of the questions Hickey is raising. You should thank him for stirring them up by sending up this Giant Fireball warning. Giving gays the key to the city is economic suicide and Huether needs comment on any promises he has made to Hildebrand on gay issues.

So after the homphobic calls to action from the huge values voters block in Sioux Falls what happened? Exactly, Huether won going away.

I guess the only questions left to ask Mike Huether after his win last night are:

When will the gay and lesbian community in Sioux Falls get their key to the city?
When is the first annual gay pride parade?

Better watch out San Francisco, Huether is on the job.

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