Grow A Pair

So now it is official. The House passed health care reform, the gloom and doom predictors are in fine form, and all I plan on saying for the moment is that the Democrats now own this (though you and I and our kids will be paying the bill) and going forward will have to answer to the consequences good or bad.

The one question I have from the process that came to a head last night is whether the as of yet unnamed Republican Congressman whom yelled out “baby killer” to staunch pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak will have the balls to own up to his comment? Early conjecture has the comment coming from someone from the Texas delegation which given the state’s current state of wingnut affairs wouldn’t be a surprise.

Come on now we are waiting…Joe Wilson needs someone to join his diarrhea of the mouth club.

UPDATE: Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer was apparently the member who shouted “baby killer” during the House session last night.

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