Religion Has Too Much Going For It

What, did I just say that? Let me explain.

I normally don’t post comments on other blogs especially in our local blogosphere as almost always my Atheism becomes the topic no matter what the subject of the original post might be. For example I might have in the past called into question a particular opinion on heath care or the economy and almost immediately some anonymous commenter will chime in with something like “who cares what you think because you hate Christians”.

Well this weekend I broke my own golden rule when I got into a debate in the comments section of Cory’s Madville Times blog with another local blogger that I normally just ignore. I ignore him mainly because nothing I say would ever convince him of the merits of my position and his idea of debating an issue is to basically call you a poopie head and then wonder aloud how you could be so stupid as to not see how his worldview is the only one there should be. He hurled his standard you are a gay loving, Christian hating, anti-American Liberal Marxist lines at me at every turn and suffice it to say each time I responded he lured me back in with more of the same despite my knowing better. This back and forth again got me to thinking, why do I bother arguing against a religious fundamentalist worldview that has so much going for it?

An Atheist will likely tell you that admitting that they don’t believe in a higher power is not an easy decision. Coming to the conclusion that there is no God immediately removes all the crutches that Religion relies on to get butts in the pews (and dollars in the collection plate) as well as removing the hope of an afterlife that gets some through their sometimes pathetic worldly life. For example, just about everyone fears death. An Atheist knows that once death happens that’s it, while believers are told that as long as you are faithful and follow the rules written by some medieval Jerry Falwell (or is it Fred Phelps?) types a few thousand years ago, you go to some wonderfully magical place to spend an eternity full of joy and love. How could one possibly be against that?

An Atheist knows that if he were to kill someone, he would likely end up in jail for most if not all the rest of his life. A person of faith believes that killing someone could bring them a worldly life in jail followed by an eternity of damnation unless they say they are really truly sorry. The exception of course is if the person murdered is a non-believer which then brings one praise and an eternity with 72 virgins. How can one be against that? Isn’t life in prison and eternal damnation a more effective deterrent? (Maybe we could ask the statistically higher per capita Christian prison population?)

Finally how can one effectively argue against something that allays ones biggest fears in life and explains what we cannot yet explain so simply by just invoking the “God did it” card? Heck we all know the Earth is flat and that Zeus has our backs so why worry!

Again I should have known better, how can you argue against blind faith…

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