Picture Again Worth A Thousand Words

Came across this picture which once again reminded me of what has been going on in Texas.

For those unfamiliar, the state Board of Education with support from their secessionist approving Governor Rick Perry (hence the reminder from the picture above), has been attempting to turn Texas public schools into an extension of Sunday school by among other things distributing bibles in public schools and by trying to effectively remove the teaching of most sciences from school curriculums.

With that in mind, signs like this would just be a funny coincidence if they didn’t foreshadow a possible future which is more often than not on display whenever you attend one of the local tea party functions

(h/t – TFN Insider)

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Sarah Palin's Palm Pilot

Yesterday I commented on Sarah Palin’s appearance at the Tea Party Convention and wondered aloud what she had written on her hand. Now we know.

For those with bad eyesight like myself. The savior of the GOP apparently didn’t think she could remember the standard GOP talking points and had to write them on her hand:

Budget cut
Lift American

Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy knowing that a large number of American’s actually think this woman is qualified to run the country.

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The Palin Teleprompter

As some continue to rail on Obama for his use of a teleprompter during his major appearances, Sarah Palin brought out her own version of a teleprompter during her appearance at the national protest against greed and government waste AKA the Tea Party Convention. Her hand…

Of course this was taken during an after speech Q and A session so one might wonder if she had actually written some famous Supreme Court decisions or the names of magazines she has “read” in case those questions had come up again. Or maybe she was just looking at notes she had written on how she was going to spend her $100K appearance fee.

Via Atheist Experience

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Fair And Balanced

Jon Stewart was on Bill O’Really’s show earlier this week and if you had the stomach to sit though O’Really’s “fair and balanced” Fox News show you might have thought he did well against Comedy Central’s Liberal talk show host. Gawker has the unedited version that includes the parts that the Fox editing department left out and surprise! It isn’t as flattering to O’Really and Faux News as the part that made the airwaves.

UPDATE: Here is the the whole thing.

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