Coffee Or Tea?

Most would agree that our Government hasn’t been doing much to endear themselves to their constituents for quite some time. In response fringe and not so fringe groups have been sprouting up all over the place, the biggest of course being the Tea Party movement.

But say you are someone that is not happy with the way our government is being run but don’t want to necessarily be associated with the Tea Party lunatic fringe, the leader of which can’t even spell his racial slurs? There is a new group that might meet your need to express your displeasure, The Coffee Party.

It all started with documentary filmmaker Annabel Park venting her frustrations on her Facebook page about media coverage that made it seem that the Tea Parties were representative of the “real America.” She vehemently disagreed and her comments on Facebook got a lot of feedback from people who similarly felt pent-up and frustrated.

Their name the “Coffee Party” directly references the Tea Party movement and presents itself as an alternative. Park argues elected officials who represent us should work towards positive solutions to the problems the country faces instead of adopting obstructionist political tactics that play on peoples’ fears and which are driven by deliberate misinformation.

The Coffee Party is currently organizing nationwide. It is stressing the message that its members are voters who intend to hold elected officials accountable to holding up progress. Its members will participate and be engaged in the political process.

In addition, the Coffee Party values diversity, is, itself, diverse and completely comfortable with the changing ethnic demographics of the US. Park argues that politicians are exploiting the anxieties people feel regarding these changing demographics for political gain and that it is wrong.

(Coffee Party USA)

UPDATE: Blogging the first DC Coffee Party Meeting

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