One Of The Shortest Campaigns In History

Wow that was quick.

Sioux Falls Pastor Steve Hickey just announced last week that he was running for the Republican nomination to our lone House seat. Today he announced that he has already dropped out in favor of a State House run.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Recently announced Congressional candidate Steve Hickey of Sioux Falls said he’s still running, but he’s changing tracks from running for a national to a state office. A Republican and Sioux Falls pastor, Hickey announced today that he is withdrawing his bid for US Congress and is pursuing instead his original goal of running for a State House seat in District 9. He plans to enthusiastically support newly announced US House candidate Kristi Noem of Castlewood. Noem and Hickey announced within an hour of each other last Tuesday. Noem’s intentions to run were unbeknownst to Steve and although she left a message for him on Sunday, he did not get it until after the fact on Tuesday. Hickey’s concern is to not divide the vote in the June primary. From the beginning, Steve’s campaign was not about himself, it was about seeing common-sense Conservative principles and values prevail in November and he is confident Kristi is guided by those same values and principles and that she is the person who can beat Mrs. Sandlin and best represent the people of South Dakota. He said he and his supporters plan to run a strong race in District 9 and cross the finish line into the State House in November.

One less in the race that I wouldn’t have voted for anyway…

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