I Am A Conservative

I found this little ditty in the comments section of a should read New York Times article on the Tea Party movement. Being someone that once considered himself a Republican I thought it to be quite the thought provoking play on words.

I am a conservative. I believe in
Conserving the environment
Conserving a woman’s right to choose
Conserving the quality of life for the middle class
Conserving the rights of all people to live the life they choose with whom they choose in the way they choose
Conserving your right to believe in God and my right to deny god
Conserving my right to pursue a long and healthy life
Conserving the infrastructure that made this nation great.
I believe in paying my taxes, all of them.
I do not believe in loopholes, corporations having the rights of individual humans, congress having more access to health care than the poorest of the poor< because I am a conservative. This Tea Party “conservatism” is not conservative; it is reactionary and racist.

I would guess that agreeing with these bullet points would likely make one a Liberal by most current definitions while some might think that taking the direct opposite positions on many of the above points is what now makes up a “true Conservative”.


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