Now It Becomes Clearer

Earlier today I posted on the happenings in Texas with a picture of an individual showing support for Texas Governor Rick Perry. The picture attached to the post had an individual holding a sign that had “Homescholers for Perry” written on it which I compared to similar misspelled signage that seems to be prevalent at some Tea Party functions.

I wasn’t sure then but now one possible reason for the similarities between the supporters of the far right Texas Governor and the mostly far right sign holders at the Tea Parties might have just been brought to my attention.

(put on tin foil hat now)
Apparently if you go to college, the limited number of attendees of institutions of higher learning like Liberty University et al excepted I am sure, you will come out a Liberal loaded with false facts. Of course once one is force fed these disgusting Liberal falsehoods, they will surely be less apt to join the “real truth tellers” of Tea Party movement or support a Tea Party type candidate. Do you see the link now?

Who would have known that college is only good for turning out ignorant Liberals (but possibly better sign spellers)? And here I thought brainwashing only happened on Sundays…

(You are free to remove tin foil hat at your convenience)

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