There Is A "Sarah Palin Quitting Early Again" Meme Here Somewhere

The women out pawning a book despite some not believing that she has ever read one is apparently sticking it to her supporters once again and her Sioux Falls fans looking forward to her appearance here on December 6th might want to pay close attention.

Sarah Palin’s whirlwind book signing tour in small towns with easily controlled impressed media made a stop in Noblesville, IN and despite folks waiting for hours for one of 1000 wristbands, anywhere from 150-300 (depending on who you listen to) were left hanging after Palin quit signing before all in line could meet their “Hockey Mom” hero. Many were not happy.

As mentioned above, Palin’s book tour is strangely avoiding most large media markets to which I wondered whether she was doing so to avoid having to answer questions. Well a story in today’s Argus answers that question mentioning that she is also ducking out of interviews even with local rags in the cities she has toured to date.

In her new book, Sarah Palin complains that presidential candidate John McCain’s staff kept her away from the media.

But on the first four stops of her book tour, Palin has repeatedly ducked local reporters.

The Argus Leader surveyed 12 local newspapers and television stations which requested interviews with Palin in the first four metro areas she visited on the tour: Grand Rapids, Mich.; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Indianapolis and Cincinnati. None of the 12 news outlets were granted an interview.

Pretty strange for someone hawking books to be avoiding the non-Oprah media isn’t it? Maybe it has something to do with a large chunk of the book already being called out as being less than truthful

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