Pot Meet Kettle – The Associated Press Edition

Yesterday I briefly mentioned how Sarah Palin’s new book “Going Rogue” had been fact checked by the Associated Press with quite a few of Palin’s “facts” being called into question. Along those lines Talking Points Memo posted on the AP fact finding mission including how the AP somehow got a hold of a copy of Palin’s book before it was released, digitized it, and proceeded to quote it extensively in their fact checking story. They even gave a $500 bonus to the reporters who were responsible for tracking down the pre-release copy.

An obvious case of fair use right?

Considering that the AP apparently doesn’t believe in fair use going so far as to try and charge bloggers for quoting with attribution from their articles, will they be paying the copyright holders for this story? At the AP’s pricing of $2.50 a word up to $100 for 251 words or more, Palin should be seeing a $100 check soon.

I am sure it is in the mail…

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