Photographic Proof

There seems to be some question in regards to the number of local Democrats that got together to discuss South Dakota’s Democratic candidates and issues. Erin McCarrick, executive director of the South Dakota Democratic Party says 1200 showed up.

“Yesterday, I was with about 1,200 Democrats and independents. We were really focused on South Dakota candidates and issues. They are excited and unified about it,” said Erin McCarrick, executive director of the state’s Democratic Party.

On the other side South Dakota War College’s PP poo poo’s that number.

1200 Democrats? She’s actually claiming 1,200 Democrats?

What, did Erin go to the mall and make an assumption? Considering that most years South Dakota Democrats can’t get many more than 100 people to their state convention (and the last ones in the door get drafted to run for a constitutional office) I’m just a little bit of a doubting thomas at this claim.

Well I figured I would get to the bottom of this and lo and behold one of my spies sent me this photo he swears was taken at the meeting.

Oh wait my spy was referring to one of those other get togethers….Nevermind

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