You may remember the neo-con flavor of the month Carrie Prejean whose claim to fame until now was her comments against gay marriage during the Q&A session of the Miss USA pageant. Prejean didn’t win and she eventually had her Miss California crown stripped causing her to sue the pageant organizers.

Well we are learning today that Ms Prejean has dropped her ridiculous demands and settled for not much more than the pageant paying for her boob job after the lawyers for the Miss USA organization offered to release her previously unreleased solo sex tape.

A legal standoff between Carrie Prejean and Miss California USA officials reportedly ended when a Pageant lawyer played his trump card: a sex tape far more hard-core than the nude pictures which had previously scandalized her – and in which she had the starring role.

After being shown the hardcore home video – in which she apparently engages in a solo sex act – Prejean dropped her million-dollar-plus demands, TMZ.com reports, and bolted from the negotiating table.

What is it with neo-cons and their sexcapades?

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