Quotes Of The Day – Brain Power And The Flintstones

Richard Dawkins was on “Real Time With Bill Maher” last Friday which resulted in several great quotes from Dawkins on religion plus a debate on what drives terrorism.

On Evolution and Natural selection:

“One of the main principals of Darwinian Theory is plenty of variations for natural selection to work on. And there’s sure enough, there are plenty of variations in brain power. All the way from Einstein on the one hand, to Sarah Palin on the other.”

And on how Britain seems to be dumbing down to America’s level on creationism:

“Eighteen percent of the British people think it takes one month for the earth to orbit the sun … And twenty-eight percent of the British people think humans walked with the dinosaurs. Twenty-eight percent of the British people get their science from “The Flintstones.”


Too bad Dawkins whose namesake award from the Atheist Alliance International was given to Maher the day after this was filmed didn’t ask Maher about his views on medicine as that would have surely been an interesting conversation…

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