New Rule – You Might Be Nuts If You Are Bill Maher

Stealing a line from Bill Maher. New Rule, just because you are a vocal critic of religion doesn’t mean that on other subjects you can’t be batshit crazy (ok some might think that is crazy as well). Case in point is the comedian and skeptic Bill Maher himself and his outright crazy ideas on medicine.

I first became aware that something didn’t seem right when he sent this via Twitter the other day.

If u get a swine flu shot ur an idiot.

Okay, was I missing the joke somewhere? Did Jenny McCarthy hack Maher’s Twitter account? Then I find out that Maher has less than traditional ideas about medicine in general.

Maher is as loopy as they come on medical matters. He’s a conspiracy theorist who blames Big Pharma for controlling health care, thinks modern medicine is a failure, and promotes ‘alternative’ therapies that don’t work. It is a serious embarrassment.

Apparently that is not all as he is also sympathetic to those in denial about AIDS/HIV and rivals the nutty Jenny McCarthy in his anti-vaccine views as evident by his appearance on Larry King a few years ago which ties in with the swine flu tweet I mentioned earlier.

MAHER: I’m not into western medicine. That to me is a complete scare tactic. It just shows you, you can…

KING: You mean you don’t get a — you don’t get a flu shot?

MAHER: A flu shot is the worst thing you can do.

KING: Why?

MAHER: Because it’s got — it’s got mercury.

KING: It prevents flu.

MAHER: It doesn’t prevent. First of all, that’s…

KING: I haven’t had the flu in 25 years since I’ve been taking a flu shot.

MAHER: Well, I hate to tell you, Larry, but if you have a flu shot for more than five years in a row, there’s ten times the likelihood that you’ll get Alzheimer’s disease. I would stop getting your…

KING: What did you say?

MAHER: That went better in rehearsal but it was still good. Absolutely, no the defense against disease is to have a strong immune system. A flu shot just compromises your immune system.

And finally we have this concerning his views on “alternative medicine” from his show last week starting at the 50 second mark.

Who would have known?

(h/t – Respectful Insolence)

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