Open Records Taken Too Far?

I will be the first one to agree that government employees must give up some of their privacy when they agree to be paid with taxpayer money, but how much loss of privacy is too much? The reason I ask is because of a story about a now former cop in my old home town that appeared in the local paper last week that documented line by line why the 18 year vet was fired including his trip to alcohol rehab.

To be fair I must state that I personally know the individual in question having gone to school with one of his sisters but how much personal information is too much? Does John Q Public need to know dates and times that a patrolman on the local police force was absent? Is it any of our business that the officer has been treated for any illness or addiction? The officer broke no laws and was fired for attendance issues. Should anything more than that be public information?

On one end you have South Dakota where you just about need to sign away your first born to get any information about what goes on in state and local government and apparently in Ohio everything seems to be fair game no matter what is does to the individual involved. Somewhere in between is where it should be.

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