Riling Up The Troops Once Again

The next big issue on the minds of the lunatic fringe seems to be the 2010 Census. Their paranoia ranges from claims that the data collected will be used to round up all the government critics to worries that the Census numbers will be manipulated to stack Congressional districts in favor of the Democrats. We’ve already seen some of the results of that paranoia with the successful campaign to defund ACORN and we might have seen another result with the recent hanging death of a Census worker in Kentucky.

51 year old Census worker Bill Sparkman was found hung near a cemetery in rural Kentucky on September 12th with the word “Fed” written across his chest. The FBI is still investigating whether the death was a homicide or suicide (who writes “fed” on their chest before hanging themselves?), but it begs the question. With over one million Census workers poised to start canvasing the neighborhoods next year, is this latest scare campaign by the wingnuts going to lead to incidents of violence similar to what might have happened to Sparkman?

As always, Fox News seems to set to mood for the wingnut right and below is some of their early work with everybody’s favorites Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann along with some goodies found on YouTube from folks fearing the Census.

(h/t – Right Wing Watch)

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