Did They Really Need A Forum To Figure This Out?

The University of South Dakota apparently felt the need to figure this out once and for all when they hosted a forum on Wednesday to settle the question, “Is the Obama/Hilter comparison valid?”

The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without a universal health care system, Wymar said. If Obama is compared to Hitler because he favors universal health coverage, that would make the leader of nearly every other leading nation also like Hitler, Wymar said.

“Are they all Hitlers?” Wymar asked. “Maybe they should have a conference of Hitlers.”

Obama and Hitler have tremendously different backgrounds, said Don Pryce, a retired USD history professor.

Whereas Hitler dropped out of junior high, was homeless and didn’t hold a full-time paying job until he became chancellor of Germany, Obama worked his way up the ladder, Pryce said.

Hitler was abnormal in his ability to love or his ability to work, Pryce said. Hitler reportedly had sexual obsessions, including relations with his niece who later committed suicide, he said.

“On the other hand, Obama is married to a woman of intellect, poise and charm, and they have two children,” Pryce said.

The two leaders also have different governing styles, Pryce said.

“Hitler had a mindset. He had a view of how the world works, and how to bring it about,” the professor said. “He had a significant refusal to compromise. He ideology was victory, not consensus. Win, not lose.”

Hitler’s politics had a sense of absoluteness, filled with hatred, intolerance and inflexibility, Pryce said.

“In contrast, Obama seeks bipartisanship, cooperation and global understanding,” the professor said. “Unlike Hitler, genocide is not part of Obama’s goal.”

Hitler symbolizes the ultimate evil, leading to the deaths of million of people, Pryce said. “His 12 years in office was marked by a self-destructive impulse,” the professor said.

Hitler exhibited strong anti-Semitism his entire life, Pryce said. Hitler expounded on his hatred of Jews in “Mein Kampf,” his autobiographical manifesto on socialism.

“In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote, if the Jews win, all life would be doomed. There would be no life left if the Jews won,” Pryce said.

“If the wrong race won, Hitler was sure that life would surely come to an end. He needed not just to save the human race, but life itself.”

Hitler saw a struggle of the races, Pryce said. War was necessary, with the need for the superior to enslave the inferior, he said.

Ironically, Hitler suffered from an inferiority complex, Pryce said. Hitler’s rabid anti-Semitism was rooted in his own fear that he was part Jewish, he added.

“It was a sign of extremism and distrust,” Pryce said. “What (Hitler) thinks and knows was the only truth, and he had to win. He was the savior of all life in the universe.”

There, aren’t you glad that they settled that question?

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