The Origin Of Stupid

On November 19th, everyone’s favorite nut case Ray Comfort will be distributing 100,000 copies of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” to 100 universities to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of it’s publication. Of course Comfort couldn’t leave it at that so his version will include a 50 page introduction attempting to explain everything from how there is a direct connection between Darwin and Hitler to how evolution supposedly has no support. The pdf version of Comfort’s introduction is linked below.

This latest campaign by Comfort has again brought out another infamous wingnut from Comfort’s past. Kirk Cameron, who cut his crazy teeth as part of the famous banana video has made another video for Comfort, this time in support of Comfort’s 50 pages of inconsistencies, lack of facts, and other assorted falsehoods all which were quickly picked apart all throughout the blogosphere. So instead of me adding to the parade, I figured I would just post this video from Cristina that does a pretty good job for me.

(h/t – Pharyngula)

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