Banning Divorce

My BS meter is going off on this little tidbit from California but I believe it brings up an interesting question which is why I mention it.

A ballot initiative supposedly being circulated in California is an obvious response to the ongoing fight to legalize gay marriage in the state which would seek to ban all divorces. Why? Because as the homophobes like to say in regards to gay marriage, divorce is destroying the “sanctity” of marriage.

People who supported Prop 8 weren’t trying to take rights away from gays, they just wanted to protect traditional marriage. That’s why I’m confident that they will support this initiative, even though this time it will be their rights that are diminished. To not support it would be hypocritical.

I obviously think this is satire (if it’s not, I can’t wait to see it hit the ballot) but it does make one wonder. Other than staunch Catholics, how many Californians who voted to ban gay marriage would also vote to ban divorce? I’m guessing that their hatred/fear of gays is far greater than any hatred of divorce they might have, so probably not many.

I do love this quote from the website of the initiative though:

Jesus still loves you if you get divorced – just not as much

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