What Is Happening In Kentucky?

Have they built some kind of water pipeline from Texas to Kentucky lately? The reason why I ask is that the state that hosts Ken Ham’s creation “museum” is making news involving something other than dinosaurs wearing saddles and in each case, it rivals anything happening in Texas and isn’t pretty.

2 weeks ago a state Circuit Court finally ruled that Kentucky must remove a plaque from the state Office of Homeland Security that cited a belief in an imaginary god as an essential tool in fighting terrorism (actually such beliefs are a big reason for the terrorism in the first place). Obviously removing anything which in effect gives the appearance of governmental preference to any particular religion is a good thing but now the state’s Attorney General has stated that they will fight that ruling, using tax dollars in the process.

Last week a football coach in, you guessed it, Kentucky felt that taking a bus load of his players to a church revival was a good idea. That trip resulted in 8 or 9 players being baptized without parental consent to which at least one of the players is now saying he was pressured into participating. Of course being Kentucky, neither the coach or the school district sees a problem with this.

Finally from our favorite Commonwealth, a Louisville church is planning to ordain a new priest. The gentleman in question just happens to have an interesting past, as a convicted sex offender.

A convicted child molester is to become an ordained minister. A Louisville, Kentucky church plans to ordain registered sex offender Mark Hourigan, guilty of sodomizing and sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy in 1998. The pastor of City of Refuge Church says the man deserves a second chance.

I bet members of that church, especially those with young boys will be lining up on Sundays to listen what this guy has to say.

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